Black Market Man

I always make sure to do the shopping around the time he comes in to sit in the cafe to eat his lunch. His strong black body looks like it will rip through the business suit he is wearing. This time he catches me watching him. He smiles at me and rubs his hand on his thick cock so I can see how big it is through his pants. Shocked that I was caught I continue my shopping.

I feel a hand reach up and grab my hair and you whisper in my ear, "Did you like what you saw? " he said to me.

My heart is beating faster, I can t believe he is standing behind me. I feel him reach under my skirt and feel my panties they are soaked from watching him.

"You feel nice and tight I would love some of your pussy." He said to me, as I am trapped by the hold he has on my hair.

I tell him my husband is away on a business trip and the kids are in bed at nine. I give him my number and address and he tells me he'lll be there. Finally letting me go after he rubs his hard cock up my ass, letting me feel what I was going to get later. I finish at the market and go home excited and yet scared of what is to come. I pull up to see a shopping bag at the door. I pick it up open it and it is a red sexy night gown with a black sexy robe with a note that reads....

"You will be wearing this showered and sitting on your bed when I get there with make up on and hair in place. Make sure your pussy is shaved clean for I will spread you to inspect, if I find one hair I will spank your white whore ass till it is red."

After the kids are in bed I do as the note said. I sit on the bed and wait to hear your foot steps coming up the stairs.

I have the door unlocked so he slip in quietly. He sees me, reclined on the bed, my eyes closed.
He gets behind me and traces a thick finger along my soft lips. I open my eyes, surprised at not having noticed his entry. I try to turn my head. But his hand holds my neck painfully immobilizing me.
Suddenly I feel fear. Was that the guy I invited from the store or was it some other intruder. As panic grips me I have a black cloth wrapped around my eyes and he quickly ties it around my head tightly, blinding me completely.

I'm really scared now, opening my mouth to scream. His thick rough palm is on my mouth stifling every sound I tried to make. He jerks me up and pushes me on the bed, flat on my belly. Then I feel his body cover mine, crushing me. I gasp as I feel his massive erection pressed into my soft ass.

I can smell his musky aftershave. He pulls up my red night gown with one hand exposing my white legs and thighs, lifting my hips to get the gown above them. His other hand squeezes my white ass cheeks roughly. His fingers slips between my ass, a finger touching my anus and another reaching deeper, to find my vaginal opening.

I want to scream but his hand is tightly clasped over your mouth. I feel his finger caress my anus as the other finger slips into my pussy, rotating as it progresses. I'm desperate to find out if it is the man I invited or some stranger who was intruding into my most intimate part. He thrusts his finger into my vpussy, it is thick and rough, and I feel a shearing pain as the finger intrudes deep reaching the entrance to my womb. A whimper escapes my lips through his fingers that are still clasped around my mouth.

I hear him unzipping his pants. Sweat breaks over my brow. The next instant I feel his thick swollen and hard cock pressed into my naked soft ass, and realize it is huge. He turns my face to one side, and then his rough tongue licks my cheek. I can feel my vagina begin to wetten. He keeps licking my cheek as his finger slips in and out of my pussy in slow deep strokes. soon my walls are drenching his finger with their warm juices. He finally removes his hand from my mouth.

"Is that you?" I whisper.

"Does it matter?" he replies.

I'm not sure if its the man I invited, his voice is muffled. Before I can utter another word, his lips cover mine, his tongue rudely entering my mouth. His lips crush mine as his finger work the insides of my pussy. He keep rubbing His throbbing penis into my soft ass.
He lets go of my lips and rolls down from my crushed supple body. Turning me onto my back and rolling on top. His fingers spread my pussy lips and in an instant I feel the huge head of his thick black cock slipping into the entrance of my pussy lips.
He lowers himself on me, his cock entering my pussy in slow languorous pace, stretching my tight little hole with his thick and hard shaft.. I have never felt my pussy filled so much, as he pins down my arms and begins to grind his cock inside my pussy.
My pussy anoints his huge black shaft with its sticky juices, making me begin to moan with pleasure feeling the thick meat move inside my fleshy passage.......

"Did I tell you to speak bitch?" he said as he pulled my arms up behind my back. "Your mine now. Don't speak unless I give you permission."
He pulled on my arms tighter when I didn't reply. "I can't hear you bitch!"
"Yes." I whispered, biting down lightly on my tongue to stop myself from moaning.
"Yes Master." he replied.
"Yes Master." I answered obediently.
He began to pound my tight wet pussy deeper and harder than before. Who is this man so rough and strong fucking me, I wondered. Part of me didn' t care that his thick hard cock was pounding my pussy as he slapped my ass hard and pulled on my breast like a beast.

"You like that you nasty little whore, you like how I am fucking you hard in your tight white pussy? How is your little dick white husband going to feel knowing a big black cock stretched your pussy hole out? You will be no use for him anymore ,because you know that you are now my white little slut slave." he said.

He pulled his hard cock out of my hungry pussy and told me I was not allowed to cum yet. I wondered what he was doing and tried to see through my blind fold around my eyes, then I felt him grab me by my hair.

"Suck my hard thick cock you nasty whore, and you better suck it good or I will slap your ass so hard you'll not be able to sit on it for weeks." He said to me.

I take his hard cock in my mouth. It is so big and thick I try not to choke and gag but he thrusts it hard down my throat.

" You are going to drink my cum whore suck every drop down and you better not waste it or I won t let you cum whore. That is what you want right slut you want me to make you cum with my cock don t you?" he asks me.

I shake my head with a silent yes and suck and lick his cock. waiting him to explode in my mouth. I begin to suck harder and faster, my pussy is so wet and ready to feel his cock deep inside. I want to cum so bad and he knows it. I want to squeeze my pussy muscles around his hard cock.

I can feel my juices dripping out of my pussy as it begs for his cock. He starts to play and pinch my clit telling me I better not cum. It feels so good I want to cum so bad, but I know not. He grunts and start fucking my mouth with a wild thrust, I feel him start to fill my mouth with his cum. He tells me to suck it and drink it all up. I suck it hard, drinking it all down my throat......

His cock swells repeatedly inside my mouth as jets of thick warm semen spews down my throat. I keep swallowing, the smell of it filling my nostrils, his balls pressed onto my chin, his cock slowly slipping in and out of my mouth as I savour his sperm and swallow it.

His thick fingers are rubbing my pussy lips now. Suddenly I feel my body stiffens, as my ass muscles tighten and I feel the eruption deep inside my pussy, exploding into an incredible orgasm, my mouth lets go of his cock and I start moaning and writhing in pleasure, every nerve end on fire, till I collapse breathless.

When I regain my breath, the room is silent and I slowly remove the blind fold to find the room is empty. He is gone......

I am alone? Did he really leave? My pussy is throbbing still from the fingering I just received from the stranger who came in my room and used me like a whore. I get up and get into the shower wondering who he was, was he the man from the Cafe that I stared at longing to feel him deep inside me or was it a stranger watching me wanting deep inside me. I got down stairs to make a cup of hot tea, rubbing some lotion on my red sore ass from the spankings I receive. My cell phone has a's the man from the cafe......

the Message said," Did you like the taste of your Master's cum... do you want more...?"

Well? Do you want more?

Black Market Man